What is Massage?

Massage is intended fluid strokes applied to the client for their specific needs, using a base oil, liniment, essential oils or a myofascial balm. Either used separately or in conjunction with in the treatment plan prescribed for your needs.


Ease Headaches and fatigue, chronic pain syndromes, lactic acid, injury prevention, Aid sport performance, Ease sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, illness, strains and sprains, reduce stress, anxiety,blood pressure, increase circulation and nutrients to cells.

This is achieved by tailoring a treatment specific plan to YOUR needs, by assessing the bio-mechanics and posture. I will create a treatment plan specific for YOU and YOUR needs. Offering a wide range of knowledge and tools for YOUR recovery.

What is Maintenance?

I am a big believer in preventative Health our stress receptors begin as soon as we are born. Stress builds over time through illness, injury, fatigue, creating injury. The stress receptors do burn out creating illness the rejuvenating abilities of massage through relaxation can restore our stress receptors bringing balance back to our mind,body and soul.

My Philosophy

I believe in self Empowerment, assisting you in your health and well-being through knowledge in forms of stretching, exercise specific injury prevention, empowering you to be the owner of your OWN health.

What made me become a massage therapist?

I had a passion to be a herbalist most my life, this lead me to a local college which is where I found that tactile touch in forms of movement had a profound effect on soft tissue injuries. At this stage I was learning Aromatherapy. It change my direction completely and I began a remedial massage course. I found the journey so profound it changed my life for ever and has made me the therapist I am today.

Michael S. Wilby

Dip. Remedial Massage | Dip. Aromatherapy, Dip. Reflexology
• Therapeutic • Sports • Lymphatic Drainage • Hot Stones
ATMS No. 18787

Address: 256 Henry Parry Driveو Wyomingو NSW 2250